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Academic Basketball Club

A grassroots program borne of inspiration and desire to fill a need by and for the caring

 Remember To Have Fun

 Acquiris Quodcumque Rapis

Proper Preparation not only Prevents Poor Performance, it puts us in a position to succeed. That is our goal!

Our Teams are in a focused training program to become professionals, albeit in something other than basketball. Their route will take them through one of the many fine colleges or universities renowned for their high standards of academic excellence and the proven success of their basketball program.

Our basketball players are focused on the end-goal of becoming professionals, at which time basketball will still be played for passion after all their work is done for the day. Like everything they do, they take it seriously and perform with both full effort and enthusiasm. That approach has gotten them to where they are today and is what will drive and motivate them on their own personal roads towards success.

Over the past 17 years, players involved with the programs have gone on to play (or are on their way to playing) at Williams, Middlebury, Bowdoin, Colby, Bates, Hamilton, Tufts, Wesleyan, Trinity, Connecticut College, Sarah Lawrence, Union, Hobart, Ithaca, RPI, Vassar, Bard, Clarkson, St Lawrence, Skidmore, MIT, WPI, Babson, Clark, Springfield, Emerson, Johns Hopkins, Swarthmore, Haverford, Dickinson, Franklin & Marshall, Muhlenberg, Washington College, Washington & Lee, NYU, Brandeis, Chicago, Emory, Rochester, Carnegie Mellon, Case Western, Washington University, Pomona, Claremont McKenna, Caltech, Occidental, Puget Sound, Colorado College, Macalester, St Olaf’s, Grinnell, Lawrence, Kenyon, Denison, Oberlin, Allegheny, Ohio Wesleyan, Sewanee, Rhodes, Birmingham Southern, Earlham, Hartwick, Gordon, Geneseo, Stevens, John Jay, Hunter, Susquehanna, Chatham, Emmanuel, Suffolk, Curry, RIC, Keuka, Franklin Pierce, American, Rice, Depaul, Fairfield, Furman, Vanderbilt, Elon, Holy Cross, Colgate, Binghamton, UMBC, Monmouth, Sacred Heart, Quinnipiac, FDU, Maryland, UConn and Duke (2).

In addition to the basketball players, several members are at schools in these same conferences and haven chosen to play a different sport. However they got there, the exclamation mark is on their success in having gotten into the schools of their respective choices.


We do not hold tryouts. Instead, the coaches watch every prospective player during the winter high school season and invitations are given to the players selected for the Academic Basketball Club. Practices are held twice a week commencing once the CIAC and NYSAIS seasons are over for each player; the first overall practice for non-CIAC players is the full week in March through the end of May when students are studying for final exams.

Our uniforms are the best quality we can find, matching our players and are custom made and unique to make it as easy as possible for college coaches to identify each player both in person and on video. We do everything we can to promote our players – we would put their respective GPA’s, SAT’s and Band-1 AI (for the Ivy League schools) on the backs of their shooting shirts if we thought it would be perceived positively and get them more attention from college coaches. In every way, we know they are being recruited and in many ways we are selling, so players are cleanly groomed and act like the respectable young gentlemen they are at all times – every impression counts and many, many excellent impressions are what we seek.

The Tournament Schedule is the biggest change we have had in years with the formation of The Academic Basketball Circuit powered by Zero Gravity. The plan is for 8 teams, all academic in fact, meeting three Saturdays in May (so they can take Sundays off for homework). The remainder of the schedule will be from the beginning of April through the end of May, concluding the season on Memorial Day weekend in time for players to prepare for the SAT, ACT and final exams.  More information on The Academic Basketball Circuit.


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