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Academic Basketball Club

A grassroots program borne of inspiration and desire to fill a need by and for the caring

 Remember To Have Fun

 Acquiris Quodcumque Rapis

Proper Preparation not only Prevents Poor Performance, it puts us in a position to succeed. That is our goal!

Our Teams are in a focused training program to become professionals, albeit in something other than basketball. Their route will take them through one of the many fine colleges or universities renowned for their high standards of academic excellence and the proven success of their basketball program.

Our basketball players are focused on the end-goal of becoming professionals, at which time basketball will still be played for passion after all their work is done for the day. Like everything they do, they take it seriously and perform with both full effort and enthusiasm. That approach has gotten them to where they are today and is what will drive and motivate them on their own personal roads towards success.

Over the past 17 years, players involved with the programs have gone on to play (or are on their way to playing) at Williams, Middlebury, Bowdoin, Colby, Bates, Hamilton, Tufts, Wesleyan, Trinity, Connecticut College, Sarah Lawrence, Union, Hobart, Ithaca, RPI, Vassar, Bard, Clarkson, St Lawrence, Skidmore, MIT, WPI, Babson, Clark, Springfield, Emerson, Johns Hopkins, Swarthmore, Haverford, Dickinson, Franklin & Marshall, Muhlenberg, Washington College, Washington & Lee, NYU, Brandeis, Chicago, Emory, Rochester, Carnegie Mellon, Case Western, Washington University, Pomona, Claremont McKenna, Caltech, Occidental, Puget Sound, Colorado College, Macalester, St Olaf’s, Grinnell, Lawrence, Kenyon, Denison, Oberlin, Allegheny, Ohio Wesleyan, Sewanee, Rhodes, Birmingham Southern, Earlham, Hartwick, Gordon, Geneseo, Stevens, John Jay, Hunter, Susquehanna, Chatham, Emmanuel, Suffolk, Curry, RIC, Keuka, Franklin Pierce, American, Rice, Depaul, Fairfield, Furman, Vanderbilt, Elon, Holy Cross, Colgate, Binghamton, UMBC, Monmouth, Sacred Heart, Quinnipiac, FDU, Maryland, UConn and Duke (2).

In addition to the basketball players, several members are at schools in these same conferences and haven chosen to play a different sport. However they got there, the exclamation mark is on their success in having gotten into the schools of their respective choices.


Camp Registration Forms and Applications:


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May 2021

Dear Players and Parents:

 The NCAA announced the LIVE periods in July (8-11, 16-18, 23-25) so the camp schedule is quickly filling in – still waiting to hear from Columbia and Cornell plus a bunch of the Patriot League schools.  The most updated list as of when I am writing this is attached; updates will be posted at

 Also attached are prior versions of this email sent in February and April for ease of reference.  Within the April email is an explanation of the different types of academic camps and enough data to help you choose which camps you should go to.

 The most important thing to keep in mind with respect to which camps to choose is what day do you finish finals?  I strongly recommend you study for finals and do not go to a camp which will conflict with studying and taking finals at school.

Many of you are asking where I will be.  Probably the same places you will go to, too.  My list of camps I expect to be at (I will be speaking to all of you at the camps which are not a school or D1 camp; I go to the Ivy camps to watch players and talk with coaches):

 Thu – Fri     June 10-11   Dallas All-Academic Showcase

Tue – Wed  June 15-16   Philly All-Academic Showcase

Tue – Thu   June 22-24   Lab Prep

Fri – Sun     June 25-27   NEPSAC “Live Period” Showcase (watch only)

Mon – Tue   June 28-29   New York All-Academic Showcase

Tue – Thu    Jun 29-Jul 1   Hoop Group Academic Elite 1

Sat              July 3           Academic Basketball Camp, the “boot camp” for Babson  

Mon – Wed  July 5-7       All-Academic Camp at Babson

Mon – Tue   July 19-20   Wash U (St Louis) – maybe

Thu – Sun    July 22-25   Hoop Group Academic Elite 2

Sun – Tue    Aug 1-3       Yale (probably be there all 3 days; shift to Brown in the afternoon on Aug 3)

Tue – Wed   Aug 3-4       Brown

Wed            Aug 4           Mike Weinstein’s showcase in Chicago (2 days at Yale, 1 at Brown and then Chicago)

Fri – Sun     Aug 6-8        Lab Prep

Sat-Sun      Aug 14-15    either MIT or Rochester or both

Mon-Wed   Aug 16-18     Dartmouth (16-17) and/or Penn (16-18)

Sat             Sept 18         Swarthmore during the day and Riverside Hawks in the evening

Sun            Sept 19         Binder Hoops


 Should you be at all of the camps as I am going to?  Absolutely not.  Please pick the ones which make the most sense for you – some will be camps I am not going to but they will be right for you.  The key is which college coaches do you want to be seen by and please go to the ones they will be at.  How can you find out where they will be?  Ask them.


What are the next steps you should take to Earn A College Uniform?

  1. Go to the web site of each school you are interested in and complete the “Recruit Me” form
  2. Send the coaches at that school an “Eloquent Email” and include a link to your video, a copy of your transcript when the grades have been posted, and ask them which camps will they be at so you can play in front of them.
  3. and/or buy the book    
  4. Buy 7 masks, pairs of socks or t-shirt in a specific color so you can have a fresh one on July 3 and for every game at Babson on July 5-7 (and wear them for each of your games at a Hoop Group Academic Elite camp) so the coaches will see you in the same thing to identify you easily.  You do not need to coordinate all 3 – wearing a consistent single bright color mask or socks or shorts or t-shirt every game the same will help you stand out.
  5. STAND OUT on the court every game you play.  If you have questions about what this means I will explain it when I speak at the camps and in detail at the July 3 “boot camp” when a lot of coaches join me to teach you how to STAND OUT at Babson.
  6. Clear out your vm on your phone, return every text or missed call or email within a few hours – not days, hours.
  7. Get full game video at every camp and tournament you can so you have material to make a highlight video and pick out your best quarters to make a quasi-full game to email links to the coaches.
  8. Call or email me with questions – please recognize I eschew texts.  I am a College Advisor and I am offering to answer your questions ahead of time or at the camps when I see you or after the camps etc. for more info


What’s the difference between the Hoop Group Academic Elite (both 1 and 2) camps and the All-Academic Camp at Babson?  All are wonderful and shoot video of every game you play so you can get it and make the highlight video you will need.  Both will have several hundred players and 100+ college coaches.  The formats are different between HG and AAC but the differences are subtle and both are filled with coaches which you want to play well in front of to Earn A College Uniform.  As of right now, there are dorms for players at Hoop Group’s camps at East Stroudsburg State but no dorms for players at Babson so you will need a hotel there the same as you will at just about every camp (Lab Prep and Washington College are the only two which I think have dorm options – I may have missed one, admittedly).  


Why should you go to the Academic Basketball Camp at Sarah Lawrence College on Saturday July 3 – the “boot camp” for Babson?  This camp offers the most intimate setting in which to meet and interact with some of the top college and prep school basketball coaches in the country.  We will explain how to play at the Babson Camp and after every game (4 rotations of 5 minutes = a half game with 4-5 of these games for everyone at the camp) the 10 players on a team will go into a room with 3 college coaches who will talk with them and explain: what they saw; what they liked and didn’t like; what they want you to add or subtract as an individual or team; what they want to see from you to get their attention and then they will tell you about their school.  After each 20+ minute meeting the players will go back to the court and play another game followed by another 3 college coaches taking them into a room and repeating the discussion.  4-5 of these during the day give players up-close-and-personal time with a lot of coaches who are initiating the recruiting process.  And video of each of a players games will be emailed to them after the camp – you do not have to ask for it or buy it.  If you need a hotel near Sarah Lawrence College, the Hyatt Place is walking distance, two Hampton Inns are in Yonkers and there are a plethora of hotels in White Plains and Tarrytown about 14 minutes away.


Then the best part:  you have three “traffic patterns” to choose to get to Babson by driving on Sunday July 4.  I recommend leaving Sarah Lawrence after the camp and driving to either Poughkeepsie NY or New Haven CT to start the college tour on Sunday.  Route 1:  Vassar, Bard, Union, RPI, Skidmore, Williams, Amherst, WPI, Clark, Brandeis, Bentley, Tufts and stay near Babson; Route 2:  Yale, Wesleyan, Trinity, Amherst, WPI, Clark, Brandeis, Bentley, Tufts, Harvard, MIT and stay near Babson; Route 3:  Yale, Wesleyan, Connecticut College, Brown, Roger Williams, Salve Regina, Wheaton, Brandeis, Bentley, Tufts, Harvard, MIT and stay near Babson.  By cutting down on several stops during Route 3 you can add Bowdoin, Bates and Colby in Maine if you want.  And of course, if you have more time in Boston please consider seeing Emerson, Suffolk, Emmanuel and Wentworth.  Which hotel to stay in while at Babson?  None are within walking distance but there are plenty within 10-14 minutes including the hotels in Waltham, Newton and Needham.


Time to address the 2023s and 2024s:  how many camps should you go to?  4 to get the experience of playing there (July 3, July 5-7, HG2 July 22-25 plus one Ivy camp of your choice) plus any school you REALLY prioritize as your top choice, such as Wash U, Hopkins, Chicago, Swarthmore, Wesleyan or MIT et al where you want to go to become better acquainted with the coaches and school and campus and players on the team.


What should you be doing from now through the end of the summer?  Visiting campuses and figure out what you like (and don’t like) about each.  Then call or email me to discuss what it is you love best and let’s see if we can identify a school or three which you have not considered which gives you everything you want.


You should also be working on the SAT or ACT to get your scores higher when you take the test in June, July, August or September again.  And work on your common app essays.  And be very nice to your parents and siblings and …….  STAND OUT WHEN YOU PLAY.


BE WELL and I look forward to seeing you at the camps as we get closer and closer to being back to normal and you get to Earn A College Uniform 


Harvey A. Rubin

office:     203-329-0707

mobile:   203-249-8284   (eschewing texts)

fax:  203-774-0603


Rule #1:  Remember To Have Fun

Rule #2:  Acquiris Quodcumque Rapis

Gratias tibi propter misericordiam volo 😷




April 2021

Dear Players and Parents:

This information is for sharing, so PLEASE forward this email to your teammates, friends, coaches and siblings who will benefit from the information, hoping to Earn A College Uniform.

Seniors and their parents:  I will remove you from the mailing list automatically; this is the last email you will receive, no worries.  I am sending it to you to PLEASE forward this email to your younger teammates.  Thank you very much and good luck in college next year.  If you are considering a Post Grad year please get in touch with me – I can help.

This is the Annual Camp Email but what we do not know regarding the academic camps is more than we know.  But, and this is the rare time something good follows a “but”, I SEE LIGHT!  The camps will begin in June with a few already confirmed and many others awaiting State and school permission.  We are all hopeful changes will come quickly as we turn the calendar to April (giving us 2+ months until the camp season is usually in full swing) and vaccines become available to everyone 16 and over.  Updates frequently at and click on the spreadsheet.

Every year I recommend to players – the rising Seniors and Juniors plus the current Seniors considering a Post Grad year – they should attend summer exposure camps which will give them exposure to the college coaches at schools they are interested in for both academics and basketball.  It starts with to get to the info on the Academic Basketball Camp and All-Academic Camp now at Babson.  From there you can click on Academic Camps (upper right) to get to the spreadsheet.

 If you want help with the entire recruitment process of how to Earn A College Uniform please email or call me at 203-329-0707 – I am here to help.  I am a College Advisor working with academic student athlete basketball players – both boys and girls.

With things beginning to open up in the northeast and SoCal you can make plans for camps, including a family vacation.  You can register for many of these camps – they may sell out later in the spring and some offer discounts for early registration – or wait until you are ready.  In the upcoming weeks please expect a plethora of emails, solicitations and seemingly irresistible too-good-to-be-true offers including a group of D1 experts soliciting the academic students to travel to foreign countries in order to be seen by college coaches – it’s all sales pitches unless the “right” college coaches are watching you. Then it is “real” for you.  Please know “exclusive invitations” are sent to several hundred players from every mailing list available.  I will help you with the road map and drill down to help you find the ones you really want and will benefit from.  If you are looking to play basketball at a top academic school you should choose camps with top academic college coaches watching you – by 10th grade you are beyond the point of needing drills to add skills – you need to be seen; please know that every time you see an offer from a camp which tells you that “you have been selected” please filter those words to mean your name is on their mailing list (unless you are getting calls, texts, letters and seeing the college coaches at your hs games or practices – in that case you really are a RECRUIT!); do not pay $175 for a showcase with no high academic school coaches in attendance (it often includes a highlight video made by an algorithm using every play with your number in the picture) or $295 for anyone to distribute your resume (argh!); please do not respond or pay to register your information with organizations promising to do something with it.  You can AND SHOULD do it yourself, better.  I see the same offers as you are getting from many services – my son is in the 8th grade and gets these emails all the time; yes, he is getting them as an 8th grader. The key is coaches want to find your contact info – that is all they need once they see you or watch your highlight video and this is the platform which NCSA is wonderfully based on – getting your information to the coaches and their information to you.  Too many emails will be from many listing services and non-school oriented camps which have national tours (that is their business model, not you!). One is even offering a college scholarship – it seems to be based on a random basis of sorts.  Crazy.  Unless there are lots of high academic coaches watching you I’m not a fan of it.  Regarding your information, my concern is to make sure nothing competes with your videos / contact information in Google or Bing search results when coaches look for you; your highlight video has your contact information clearly available to them.  This is what the college coaches are looking for.  This is what you want.  TO BE SEEN!  You do not need to pay for something you can do yourself, easily. Some services have tools which you will find useful.  In my opinion, nothing beats experience and personal 1:1 contact with insight valuable to you with your personal priorities and interests PLUS financial situation.  The reason there are so many colleges out there for you to choose from is they are all different – all 1400+ of them. 


Of the top 100-120 academic colleges on each the National Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges, I have been to 86% of the schools on each list.  Please email me with any questions.  If you want help with the entire recruitment process of how to Earn A College Uniform please call me at 203-329-0707.


I am here to help.


I would like all current hs sophomores, juniors and seniors on their way to a post grad year to please make yourself a list of each college you would like to Earn A College Uniform and then visit each school’s basketball web site to fill out the Prospective Athlete Recruit questionnaire (referred to in a variety of ways and usually found on the basketball team home page with RECRUIT in the title).  By doing this the coaches will have your contact information directly from you – for ABC players they already have it from me – and will likely send you an invitation to their respective summer camps since you have shown interest in their school.


The logistics of the camps are pretty simple – it’s where the coaches are:  they go to watch players!  Hence, in my opinion, it is where you should go in June, July and August (and now some in September, too).  Go on vacation as a family and make informal tours of the schools you are most interested. 

I put the camps into four different groups for the Boys (for the Girls please see the list of camps t find the equivalent camps and timing which differs slightly):

1)     Division 1 (all of the IVYs plus several Patriots and a few others falling into the academic box) exposure camps which are held for the players they consider to be “recruits” along with the 10+ players they consider to be “prospects” who they want to see play against their “recruits”; and, the rest of you will gain something important from their camp – being seen by the dozens (and dozens) of D3 high academic coaches who attend these camps to see this large group of players.  These camps range in size up to 150 players (Yale, Harvard, Brown, UPenn, Dartmouth, Cornell and Columbia) and 50+ D3 high academic coaches.  Please note: coaches from D1 schools cannot attend a camp unless it on their own campus or a non-school camp during the Live Period in April or July and the HS Federation weekends which WERE scheduled at the end of June but are likely to take the year off, again.  The NCAA Academy may be back later in the summer.

2)     A camp at a D3 school is usually attended by the coaches from that college only, but sometimes other coaches will come to work.  You will want to go to the camp at a school you are interested in and want to play in front of the coach who can focus on you amongst the typically 30-40 players in attendance (occasionally more, sometimes half that many).  One additional reason to attend a specific camp run by a D3 coach:  to learn from that coach. e.g., the Bard camp is a huge benefit for point guards to attend because I think Adam Turner is the best instructor at the Point Guard College camps; Joe Reilly (Wesleyan) will teach you things you will find valuable and hold onto forever – and like Dave Hixon at Amherst, give the same “speech” to players as I do!  This information is worth going to their camps.  For Girls that list would include Princeton, Amherst, Brandeis, WPI, Haverford and Bowdoin.

3)     A pure exposure camp such as the All-Academic Camp now at BABSON on July 5-7 (NEW DATES), which along with the Hoop Group Academic Elite camp three weeks later (they also have a smaller version one week earlier), usually has 350+ players and 150+ coaches from all levels but D1 cannot attend this year due to the expected upcoming NCAA schedule.   D2 (the few academic ones) and the academic D3s are there.  There are six others which fall into this group:  my Academic Basketball Camp I will run on July 3 to prepare players for the camp at BABSON 2 days later; Mike Weinstein’s Chicago events in July; the Lab Prep camp held at Northfield Mount Hermon, the Pro Skills events, the High Academic superbowl now in Irvine on July 7-8, and the West Coast Elite/All-Academic Showcases in a plethora of places – I will be at many / most of these to speak to players and parents.

4)     Camps which offer highly competitive play or teaching a specific lesson plan.  The Five Star camps, Point Guard College and other major camps which may have college coaches in attendance but are not focused on the academic student; rather, primarily focusing on very good basketball at excellent camps with general teaching aspects and are great for younger players but not for exposure of high academic rising seniors as the college coaches are not there “just watching”.  For scholarship seeking players, please look at the Hoop Group Elite camps and the WCE Elite 100 showcases to find what you want.

 Four major points to consider when choosing the camps:

1)     When are you done with school (final exams)?

2)     What can you afford?

3)     Can you play your best at the camp? Please make sure you have time to rest and recover – some of these camps will go on for hours of work, which is very good but it takes a toll, for sure.

4)     Can you make a highlight video and get a full game video from a camp so you have what you need for the college coaches who want you to send them video?  This one is huge.  And why we shoot every game at 3 camps – plus all Hoop Group Camps and WCE / All-Academic showcases are videotaped – to make sure you can make a highlight video. Put it in front of the coaches – they want to see video from you.

Here is what I recommend, depending on your respective answers to the 4 questions posed above (you do not need to do all of the “optional” camps; In each month 1 is enough and a couple are great to give you some experience, exposure and confidence leading up to the two “mandatory” camps):

Start with an IVY or Patriot school’s camp on a weekend AFTER YOUR FINALS ARE OVER (unless your finals are in late June and you haven’t begun studying yet in which case get to the Yale et al camp on the first two weekends of the camp season – but as this is not the case this year, yet, pls keep looking for updates which will hopefully add additional options to Penn for camps in June), with dozens of academic D3 coaches watching you play (Yale has had just about every academic school at its camp in recent years).  Perhaps another one is a mid-week camp such as at Dartmouth or Lab Prep.  The first and second weekends in June are usually busy weekends, full of great camps and conflicts!  Penn, Cornell, Colgate, American, Brown, Harvard et al.  All good ones but the coaches will be splitting up.

June 28-29 or June 30 – July 1:  All-Academic Showcase in NY Metro area or the Seattle showcase run with WCE.  Expected:  180 players and 50+ coaches.  Plus, I am at this camp and there is videotaping of every game on all courts.  If you want to stay on the East Coast, the Hoop Group Academic 1 camp is after the school year is done on June 29 – July 1 and I will be there, too.  I am at a lot of places – you will see.

And then come the two academic camps I consider mandatory for all Academic Basketball™ players:  our Academic Basketball™ Camp on Friday July 3 at which we will prepare players for the July 5-7 All-Academic Camp at BABSON (formerly Brandeis) which is on Monday-Wednesday morning this year. The latter is where ABC players Earn A College Uniform AND PLAY ON THE SAME TEAM AT BOTH OF THESE CAMPS.  I will be at both camps and all games will be videotaped at both camps.  There doesn’t appear to be any conflicts for the coaches being at these camps as of now and this is the key to why I consider them mandatory – so you will be seen!  The change in schedule was made to work within the expected NCAA schedule and give players time to get to their Live Period tournaments and All-Academic / West Coast Elite Academic superbowl. 

Why is it significant that we are videotaping every game at the two “mandatory camps plus games being videotaped at All-Academic / WCE showcases and Hoop Group camps?  Because coaches are going to ask you for video – you want to send them a highlight video so you can attract their attention within their 173-second attention-span.  They will ask for a full game video once you have their attention.  They are familiar with pretty much every player at each of these camps, so seeing you play against known players is the right way for you to present yourself (rather than from a hs game which they have no way of knowing what the competition level is or the game situation).

And the last week of July has the Hoop Group Academic 2 camp which, like the All-Academic Camp and Academic superbowl, is going to be pretty much essential to all academic student athletes which are not among the 1000 D1 players invited to the NCAA’s new Live Period NCAA Academy.  I will be at camps to speak to players and parents.

The link for registering for camps can be accessed with the links (click on Academic Camps in the upper right).  Academic Basketball players are automatically registered for the two mandatory camps included in their season: July 3 Academic Basketball™ Camp and July 5-7 All-Academic Camp at Babson and the cost of these two camps is built into the season fee for ABC.  Non-ABC players receiving this email will need to register directly.  I have linked the brochures at – please click on the appropriate logo at the top.  For all other camps, please register directly with the camps and links are listed.

All Juniors should – MUST, PLEASE, unless you have reached 1560/35 – take the SAT or ACT test 3 times before the end of your Junior Year (including the June tests and new July ACT test) so the college coaches will know when they see you at the camps during the summer if your scores are in the range they hope you will be accepted by their respective schools.  This salient element cannot be stressed enough.  Yes, the tests are also given in the fall of your senior year but without knowing your best score a coach cannot fully plan on you being admissible.  Applying ED1 is an important component of the recruiting process which does not affect non-athletes the same way.  Some high school guidance or college placement advisors prescribe taking the tests only after you have completed the course material; for basketball players this will hinder your recruitment opportunities.  So, please, take the test multiple times in your Junior year.  Which test?  Please consult a professional who can administer a diagnostic evaluation to predict whether the ACT or SAT is better for you.  The SAT2 Subject Test are no longer being given putting more emphasis on the AP tests.  For Sophs, taking the June test or one early in the fall to give you a baseline score and avail you plenty of time to dedicate towards improving your score to the level you will need for the schools you want.  Please do not go into a test “cold” without Proper Preparation as it Prevents Poor Performance (“PPPPP”).  Rule #2 applies.  And before you get too anxious about the SAT/ACT test, PLEASE KNOW THAT THERE ARE 971 colleges and universities which do not require test scores in all or some circumstances; 126 D3 schools are TEST OPTIONAL and of those, about half are very good to excellent academic schools.  This is HUGE for some of you so I will repeat it:



But to get Academic Merit aid, most are going to require a solid SAT or ACT score.


Quick quiz: What are the top 5 criterion to use when choosing a college?


By figuring out the answer you can make your search to Earn A College Uniform very efficient. I have combined the published lists of highly ranked schools with the basketball opportunities and applied the top 5 criterion to create a matrix – you can too – of the top schools for basketball players of all levels (scores, transcripts and ability).


The goal is Rule #1. Your success is what drives Rule #2.


Please call or email me with any questions on how you can Earn A College Uniform.


Thank you

Best regards,



Harvey A. Rubin

office:     203-329-0707

mobile:   203-249-8284

fax:         203-774-0603


Rule #1:  Remember To Have Fun

Rule #2:  Acquiris Quodcumque Rapis

Next Steps for 22’s as I plan ahead, forecast and interpret; 21’s urging to make concurrent plans
February, 2021
Dear Players and Parents:
I hope you are well and safe as we all await the nearing (yes, I am optimistic and lack patience most certainly) return to normalcy. Wait: yes; Plan: always; Forecast: challenging but clear paths seem probable albeit months away; Interpret: I have a lot of time, spending it talking with coaches and reading, so a number of things make sense and I am planning based on these moving us forward.
What you missed last year: my speech!
There are many upcoming changes for both current recruits and even current college players. The NCAA has POSTPONED two announcements and another is well-thought to be coming very soon which will significantly change the way recruiting has been done. And one more which is possible and will push recruiting onto a whole new dimension. The delays are being attributed to the pending Supreme Court case being heard plus the two proposed bills in Congress – one is the College Athlete Bill Of Rights which currently covers a broad set of topics benefiting student athletes and going far beyond anything being offered elsewhere. So, we have to wait as the current college players can use their extra year of eligibility (and postpone leaving college rosters – this may take 4 more seasons to play itself out) AND TRANSFER WITHOUT SITTING OUT A YEAR may become the standard which changes everything regarding rosters, depth charts, scholarship counts and walk-on opportunities. So the 2021’s are limited and I am strongly recommending 2021’s, especially guards, to concurrently pursue a post grad year unless they can lock up a uniform at a “right” school.
At the request of the college coaches it is time for the Juniors (2022’s) to begin contacting the coaches and providing their information:
1. Please go to the basketball web sites of the colleges which interest you (and want to be recruited by) and complete the Prospective Athlete Questionnaire (“Recruit Me”). Include the relevant information but do not worry about being caught up in everything they ask – stats, social media, favorite food etc
2. Send an Eloquent Email to the coaches once you have completed the Questionnaire. and give them your STUV: links to your VIDEO, attach your TRANSCRIPT + SAT/ACT (which you should be taking 3x this school year) SCORES – but not PSAT – and let them know your UPCOMING schedule for the winter and spring – both hs and club. Feel free to make reference to the camps you plan on attending despite no firm confirmation of their dates yet – they are being planned.
3. With regard to your height – please remember you play basketball in sneakers so please measure yourself the same way; note your overall GPA as weighted or unweighted so they know without asking but do not worry if you only have it one way, not both; note an uptick in your GPA year to year if you have it; do not include a resume or stats – you have not yet helped they win a game and they will see what they want to see from your video.
4. Make sure you give them a link to some video but do not worry if it is short or from a year ago – everyone understands. A 2:45 highlight video is a great length; using several of your best quarters to assemble a quasi-full game is usually better than sending a full game since no one has ever played a perfect full game and there is usually so much down time in full games during which you are not playing but a 5-8 minute stretch/quarter shows everything you want.
5. Do not feel rushed – the coaches are looking to build their database, not begin recruiting and making offers. This is D3. What they do want to know is who is out there in 2022 so they can get a feel for how they can fill their needs when they don’t take a position in 2021 because they have no room and they will recommend a 2021 to take a Post Grad year at a New England/NY/NJ/PA/MD boarding school (where college coaches go to recruit players) and become a 2022 which will be a VERY popular thing. You will want to consider it next year or as a reclass Junior year if you want to make the move.
As a College Advisor. I am focused on the challenging and changing recruiting environment in D3 for student athletes looking to Earn A College Uniform to play basketball at an academic school. If you need help, and this year almost everyone does, please call or email me. 203-329-0707
What do I do? I help as best I can. I strive to reduce anxiety, taking away headaches, eliminate “opportunity loss” by keeping players on track, fill in the communication gaps and translate what is communicated between coaches, players, parents in each direction. I know the coaches and have visited almost all of the academic schools. Can I “place” you(r son) on a team? No, only you(r son) can EARN that with an offer from a coach. I do not do, or promise, placement. I advise, counsel, guide and explain. Need any of this? Good.
1. The April “Live Periods” were scheduled for April 9-11 and April 23-25; no idea what will happen. He “DARK” period is running through April 15 but the regular spring tournament season is beginning in March – everywhere, even here where there is no hs basketball games yet (we are 1 week into practices).
2. The two weekends in June set aside for the State Federations + NEPSAC / MAPL are schedule for June 18-20 & 25-27; perhaps two Live Period weekends leading in or out of these events.
3. The presumption is made that the IVY camps will return in June or August (my guess is June will be a cautionary period with August coming back to normalcy) 2021 along with the Academic Basketball Camp (July 3), All Academic Camp (July 5-7), Academic superbowl (July 7-8), Hoop Group Academic Elite camps in July and a plethora of showcases in the works. I will publish a list as soon as I get the dates confirmed by the schools and camp companies.
2022’s please keep reading – some of this is going to keep on going into next year and beyond, repeating itself.
Now for the 2021’s – it’s not easy this year, I know:
1. With applications are done at almost every school (I know of 3 still open) you have opportunities to make late applications at some schools at this time or can wait to apply to schools in late April when they accept applications from students who are looking for different options while the schools look for additional headcount.
2. Coaches, who may be even more anxious than players/parents, seem to have locked in on 2-3 players and are waiting to talk in April with students who are accepted AND CAN VISIT THE SCHOOL FOR THE FIRST TIME! The coaches seem to be waiting to find out several salient things which are causing their anxiety:
a) whether they will have a season – even practices – so they can evaluate their current players
b) whether any players will graduate and move on to a job
c) whether any players will graduate and transfer from a Liberal Arts College to a University to begin graduate school
d) whether any players will transfer to another school – perhaps one which is playing this winter season
e) whether any player has started an internship which will lead to full time work while they complete their degree online
f) whether anyone is not working to get better during this gap year from basketball (aka “getting fat & sloppy”)
g) whether a D1/D2 player will transfer in (see note on what is affecting D1/D2 below)
h) whether an All-Conference or All-America D3 player will transfer in to begin graduate school (if at a University)
i) There MAY not be any room for “walk-ons” at D1 schools due to the number of additional scholarship players allowed next year. BUT this could be offset by a rumored unique move to limit the number of scholarship players in each practice which would increase the need for non-scholarship recruits. Highlight this point – it may be the solution to everything that ails the 2021s.
j) whether a scholarship level player (or scholarship-seeking player who would be in line to get one in a normal year) is willing to drop down and lock in a spot at a high academic D3 as we have been seeing recently at several schools. The coaches see this as a likely reaction from / cause & effect of the scholarship schools not losing their seniors who will hold onto their scholarships for another year and many (non-revenue producing) schools not expanding the number of scholarships even though the NCAA is allowing them to (the schools are not giving the $$ to the athletic department).
This is a lot of unknowns for a coach to balance. Some will expand their rosters to as many as 22 from their usual 15 to accommodate everyone they have, want and are committing to. Others will hold tryouts and cut players – even returning players. And then there are the school(s) which will take everyone who wants to come because they have no idea what their situation will be and their school needs as many students as they can get. One school had a reported 57 players come to the first day of practice in October.
What I am advising 2021s to do:
1. Be an “early decider” if you can. i.e., take the best offer you have if you have one from a school you want to go to
2. Be in touch, again, with all coaches at all the schools you are interested in. Make sure you have competed the Prospective Athlete Questionnaire (Recruit Me!). Send another Eloquent Email (an example can be found at ) Include your “STUV” – Scores if you have them, Transcript, Upcoming Schedule and Video
3. Shotgun Theory: Apply to all the schools you have interest in – even now. I know this means writing a lot of essays, but it needs to be done. Better to do the work and put yourself in position to succeed than to find out in April the school will not take a late application at that time.
4. Include the academic D1 schools you are interested in with a hope for a non-scholarship spot. It is possible these schools may eventually have open spots, too, and the higher the academic level the more likely you will need to have applied by the deadline to get considered for a spot.
5. Talk with the coaches at schools you want most – in February after the deadlines but before decisions are made – to be the “squeaky wheel” which gets oiled if a spot becomes open or the coach learns that the admissions department will accept a late application if done pdq.
6. VISIT SCHOOLS when it is possible – it may still be a while, indeed. Admissions departments are doing virtual tours and meetings to count towards their preference to have applicants visit the school prior to acceptance.
7. Start doing your research and considering a Post Grad year at a boarding SCHOOL. Let’s talk about the strategic benefits of a school with mandatory study halls in addition to all the basketball, strength and conditioning etc. The NEPSAC, MAPL, GAC schools have college coaches visit to see players in September and October leading up to the start of their seasons in November (I look forward to a return to normalcy!!!!) with college showcases attracting 100+ coaches the first several weekends. It is the academic benefits of traditional boarding schools (the legendary New England Prep Schools plus those in NY, NJ, PA, MD and VA) which I favor over the “training academies which have popped up; some play a national schedule. The keys are exposure, growth and development INCLUDING ACADEMICS, not just SAT/ACT preparation. Please do your research and contact me with questions. This may be your best option this year more than ever. At a minimum please do your research and consider the option concurrent to applying to colleges and waiting for openings which may come later.
Want the rest of the puzzle? Add in the unknowns about: Covid in the community; vaccine’s success and availability schedule for students; school rules regarding a requirement for vaccines or not; dorm capacities given the additional year of students; two sets of recruiting classes of freshmen; the unknown schedule for international student visas and the ability to travel to the US again; air travel rules; a spring season for hs and college teams; colleges’ financial stability plus the impact on financial aid; coaches being furloughed; potential new tax code and student loan regulations; and, upcoming changes from the NCAA (if any) specifically focusing on the transfer policies, roster size and possible practice limitations, Live Periods et al.
I hope this helps. I do not know as much as I would like – there just is not enough information or certainty on which to make good analyses consistent with recent history. All the above is opinion rather than knowledge-based facts. And things
seem to change – even several times a day. Several months ago I gave my crystal ball the rest of the year off but I check on it often. I will happily help you as best I can – please call or email me with questions. I look forward to seeing you again soon enough (though it will probably still take a while, I suspect).
I close this typically long email by reiterating aforementioned information. As a College Advisor. I am focused on the challenging and changing recruiting environment in D3 for student athletes looking to Earn A College Uniform to play basketball at an academic school. If you need help, and this year almost everyone does, please call or email me. 203-329-0707
What do I do? I help as best I can. I strive to reduce anxiety, taking away headaches, eliminate “opportunity loss” by keeping players on track, fill in the communication gaps and translate what is communicated between coaches, players, parents in each direction. I know the coaches and have visited almost all of the academic schools. Can I “place” you(r son) on a team? No, only you(r son) can EARN that with an offer from a coach. I do not do, or promise, placement. I advise, counsel, guide and explain. Need any of this? Good.
Best regards,

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