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Dear Players and Parents:

This information is for sharing, so PLEASE forward this email to your teammates, friends, coaches and siblings who will benefit from the information. This email is intended to be for everyone hoping to Earn A College Uniform and the seniors, who have been through the process, as the best ones to help others learn about the camps. Every year I recommend to our players – the rising Seniors and Juniors plus the current Seniors considering a Post Grad year – they should attend summer exposure camps which will give them exposure to the college coaches at schools they are interested in for both academic and basketball.  I have attached a file with a listing of camps to assist you.  It will be updated when new information comes in from the coaches so please check for updates.

Please email me with any questions.  If you want help with the entire recruitment process of how to Earn A College Uniform please call me at 203-329-0707 – I am here to help.

This year's email is coming to you early – you are still playing your hs season and colleges are nearing their conference playoffs – because I think you need it early so you can ask questions and make plans, including a family vacation. You don’t need to register for these camps yet – they may sell out later in the spring and some offer discounts for early registration. In the upcoming weeks please expect a plethora of emails, solicitations and seemingly irresistible too-good-to-be-true offers including a new group of D1 experts which is now soliciting the academic students to travel to foreign countries in order to be seen by college coaches - it's all sales pitches unless the "right" college coaches are watching you. Then it is “real” for you. Please know "exclusive invitations" are sent to several hundred players from every mailing list available. I will help you with the road map and drill down to help you find the ones you really want and will benefit from. If you are looking to play basketball at a top academic school you should choose camps with top academic college coaches watching you - you are beyond the point of needing drills to add skills - you need to be seen; please know that every time you see an offer from a camp which tells you that you have been selected please filter those words to mean your name is on their mailing list (unless you are getting calls, texts, letters and seeing the college coaches at your hs games or practices - in that case you really are a RECRUIT!); do not pay $175 for a showcase with no high academic school coaches in attendance (which includes a highlight video made by an algorithm using every play with your number in the picture) or $295 for anyone to distribute your resume; please do not respond or pay to register your information with organizations promising to do something with it. You can AND SHOULD do it yourself, better. I see the same offers as you are getting from many services. The key is there is no need to pay for any of these "services" because coaches want to find your contact info – that’s all they need once they see you or watch your highlight video) or any of the many listing services and non-school oriented camps you will be offered. Unless there are lots of high academic coaches watching you I’m not a fan. My concern is to make sure nothing competes with your videos in Google or Bing search results when coaches look for you; your highlight video has your contact information clearly available to them. This is what the college coaches are looking for. This is what you want. TO BE SEEN! You do not need to pay for something you can do yourself, easily. Please email me with any questions. If you want help with the entire recruitment process of how to Earn A College Uniform please call me at 203-329-0707 – I am here to help.

I would like all current hs sophomores, juniors and seniors on their way to a post grad year to please make yourself a list of each college you would like to Earn A College Uniform and then visit each school's basketball web site to fill out the Prospective Athlete Recruit questionnaire (referred to in a variety of ways and usually found on the basketball team home page with RECRUIT in the title).  By doing this the coaches will have your contact information directly from you - for ABC players they already have it from me - and will likely send you an invitation to their respective summer camps.

The logistics of the camps are pretty simple - it's where the coaches are!  Hence, in my opinion it is where you should go in June and early July, and then on vacation in August to coincide with your informal tours of the schools you are interested.  I put the camps into four different groups:

  1. Division 1 (all of the IVYs plus several Patriots) exposure camps which are held for the players they consider to be "recruits" along with the 10+ players they consider to be "prospects" who they want to see play against their "recruits" and the rest of you which will gain something important from their camp - being seen by the dozens (and dozens) of D3 high academic coaches who attend these camps to see this large group of players.  These camps range in size up to 150 players (Yale, Harvard, Brown, UPenn and Columbia) and 50+ D3 high academic coaches.  Please note:  coaches from D1 schools cannot attend a camp unless it on their own campus or a non-school camp during the Live Period in July.
  2. A camp at a D3 school is usually attended by the coaches from that college only, but sometimes other coaches will come to work.  In the case of the Denison & Kenyon camp, the coaches jointly run the camp.  You will want to go to the camp at a school you are interested in and want to play in front of the coach who can focus on you amongst the typically 30-40 players in attendance (rarely more, sometimes half that many).  One additional reason to attend a specific camp run by a D3 coach even if you are not interested in the school:  to learn from that coach, e.g., the Bard camp is a huge benefit for point guards to attend because I think Adam Turner is the best instructor at the Point Guard College camps.  Joe Reilly (Wesleyan) and Dave Hixon (Amherst) will teach you things you will find valuable and hold onto forever - and they give the same "speech" to players as I do!  This information is worth going to their camps.
  3. A pure exposure camp such as the All Academic Camp at Brandeis on July 10-12, which along with the Hoop Group Academic Elite camp two weeks later (they also have a smaller version two weeks earlier), usually has 350+ players and 150+ coaches from all levels - D1 (primarily IVY and Patriot), D2 (the few academic ones) and the academic D3s.  There are six others which fall into this group:  the Elite Student Athlete Prospect Camp at Pomona College (formerly at UCSD) on June 24-26; our Academic Basketball Camp I will run on July 8 to prepare players for the camp at Brandeis 2 days later; two in Chicago on Wednesday nights in July; the Lab Prep camp held at Northfield Mount Hermon, the High Academic superbowl in Las Vegas on a Monday and Tuesday (July 23-24) in between the 2nd and 3rd live weekends, and, the High Academic Showcases in Seattle and Dallas - I will be at all of these to speak to players and parents.
  4. Camps which offer highly competitive play or teaching a specific lesson plan.  The Hoop Mountain SuperWeeks, Hoop Group Elite camps, Five Star camps, Point Guard College and other major camps which may have college coaches in attendance but are not focused on the academic student; rather, primarily on basketball which is very good excellent camps focused on the general teaching aspects and are great for younger players but not for exposure of high academic rising seniors as the college coaches are not there just watching.

Four major points to consider when choosing the camps:

  1. When are you done with school (final exams)?
  2. What can you afford?
  3. Can you play your best at the camp? Please make sure you have time to rest and recover - some of these camps will go on for hours of work, which is very good but take a toll, for sure.
  4. Can you make a highlight video and get a full game video from the camps so you have what you need to get to the college coaches who want you to send them video?  This one is huge.  And why we shoot every game at 4 camps to make sure you can make a highlight video (or have me make one). Put in front of the coaches - they want to see video from you.

Here is what I recommend, depending on your respective answers to the 4 questions posed above (you do not need to do all of the "optional" camps; 1 is enough and a couple are great to give you some experience, exposure and confidence leading up to the two mandatory camps):

Start with an IVY or Patriot school’s camp, on a weekend after your finals are over, with dozens of academic D3 coaches watching you play. Perhaps another one in mid-week camp at Dartmouth or Columbia 1. June 23-26 is a busy weekend, full of great camps and conflicts!  Penn, Cornell, Bucknell, Middlebury, Williams, Columbia 2, Princeton and Ryan Silver's camp in the Bay Area.  All good ones.  Which means the coaches will be splitting up and some will be headed out to Pomona like I will be for the:

June 24-26   Elite Academic Student Athlete Prospect Camp now at Pomona College, formerly at UCSD.  The camp check-in is on Sunday afternoon from 2-5p and the camp starts at 6p; it ends by noon on Tuesday (allowing you to make the 1p flights home so you can get to the next camp).  Expected:  180 players and 80+ coaches.  Plus, I am at this camp and will be videotaping every game on all courts.

And then come the two academic camps I consider mandatory for all Academic Basketball players:  our Academic Basketball Camp on Sunday July 8 at which we will prepare players for the July 10-12 All Academic Camp at Brandeis which is now on Tuesday-Thursday.  The latter is where ABC players Earn A College Uniform AND PLAY ON THE SAME TEAM AT BOTH OF THESE CAMPS (at Pomona, too, if you choose to go).  I will be at both camps and all games will be videotaped at both camps.  If you need to leave early in order to get to a Live Period tournament, you leave early - no problem as long as you tell the people running the camp what your schedule is, ahead of time, so they can be prepared.

Why is it significant that we are videotaping every game at the three camps plus the one in Las Vegas?  Because coaches are going to ask you for video - you want to send them a highlight video so you can attract their attention within their 150 second attention-span, while they will ask for a full game video once you have their attention.  Because they know every player at each of these three camps, seeing you play against known players is the right way for you to present yourself (rather than in a hs game which they have no way of knowing what the competition level is or the game situation).

We can make these videos for you, or you can get the game DVDs from us, at

Lastly, many of you have asked the process for registering for camps. Academic Basketball players need to complete (and return to me) the registration forms for the July 8 Academic Basketball Camp and the July 10-12 All Academic Camp at Brandeis - the cost of these two camps is built into the season fee for ABC.  Non-ABC players receiving this email will need to register directly.  I have linked the brochures at and click on the appropriate logo at the top.

For all other camps, please register directly with the schools via the web site links listed on an attached file or on our web site.

Please call or email me with any questions on how you can Earn A College Uniform.

Thank you

Best regards,

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